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Holiday Beer Gift Starter Kit

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Sell more beer this holiday season with funny greeting cards in the shape of 6-packs or cards (AKA Card Bombs) that slip over individual bottles (12-22 oz & 16 oz cans).  Display next to your to-go beer, with your merch, or place samples on the bar, encouraging customers to buy additional beer as gifts.  Sell more of your non-holiday beers by offering an entertaining holiday package to put them in! 

What's included:

  • Hanging display arm with s-hook (takes up minimal, unused space)
  • Display sign
  • 24 gift wrap items.  Choose your mix: Christmas, Thanks, or both.  Then choose the product type for 24 items: all 6-packs, all Card Bombs, or 12 of each. 
  • "Be Nice to Me, I Gave Beer Today" stickers for staff!

Suggested retail: $3-4

Encourage more to-go sales in your brewery while creating a fun experience for customers.

We're a small independent company, based in Detroit, founded by craft beer drinkers who like to gift beer.