Each of our illustrations contains an element of Detroit.  Spoiler alert!  Keep reading if you're stumped or want to learn more about the D.


"Thanks a Ton"

Thanks Card Bomb image

Detroit elements:  There are two!  We created our own version of the Spirit of Detroit, which is located on the beer bourbon barrel.  The Spirit of Detroit is located on the famous Woodward Ave. in downtown at the courthouse.  The second Detroit element is Germack Pistacio company.  A beloved Detroit company that produces gourmet nuts, coffee and more.  In our first year of business, we are thrilled they chose to partner with us in their 95th year.

Beer of Detroit

"Love doesn't stink"

Detroit reference: the arch is from Hart Plaza.  Get it?  Hart =Love.  Nailed it!

The arch sculpture is called Transcending and is intended to celebrate Michigan's contributions to the labor movement.

This illustration was carefully crafted to fit well for anniversaries, engagements, wedding party gifts or even wedding guest gifts.  We wanted a rhyme that could be given from an individual or a couple and given to a spouse or friends that are celebrating non-stinky love.  Custom bride/groom names can be printed on the back and applied over most beer bottles/cans for guests to keep as a memento instead of tossing away with the bottle.  

"Ready for Celebratory Spankings?"

Detroit element: Coney dogs!  Also, the pseudo old english D on the Monk's stein.

"Six Pack of Christmas Past"


Most people know about the iconic Joe Louis fist that sits at one end of Woodward Ave. pointing towards the Detroit River.  It represents freedom, America and the tireless fight for equality around the world.  In short, it's awesome.  We're not sure if Joe Louis was a snowboarder, but if he was, he definitely would've wanted a snowboard with his iconic fist sculpture on it.

"Wishing you Happiness" & "Happy Birthday Old Man"

Well, this was our first design so we just straight up wrote Detroit.  Had to get the creative ball rolling somehow!  The pug is also inspired by one of our companies resident dogs, located in Detroit.