You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Do your products come with beer included?


No but we highly recommend you insert beers or the gift won’t make a heck of a lot of sense.  Unless!... you are giving to a homebrewer so she/he can give away their homebrews.  That would make a whole lot of sense.

Are your carriers for the make your own six pack shelf at my local shop?


Could be.  Or you could buy any six pack you want and transfer the beers into one of our comedic messaging vessels.  We also sell four packs because delicious beer comes in 4 packs of cans which also deserve an entertaining gift wrapping.  Or you can buy a six pack, drink two and give the other four to a friend AKA more of an acquaintance. 

What other designs do you have?


We are pretty new.  We plan to introduce a new design every few months or so but need you and your friends to buy the current ones so we can afford to make new ones. 

Where can I buy your carriers around me?


If you don’t see them in your local craft beer store yet we recommend you crack open one of their beers and tell them you’re not leaving until they order some... Or just tell them about us as we're brand spankin' new and they'd probably like us.  You can also find us on Etsy and Amazon!

Can I have custom illustrations made?


You bet your sweet beer we do.  We can customize our existing illustrations, or create completely new ones just for you.  Perfect for businesses to give to employees and customers, thank you gifts for large groups, wedding guest gifts or for bridal parties.  Pricing and minimum quantities vary.  Contact us here to get in touch, we think we're delightful to talk to...