Goldilocks & the Three Beers

Goldilocks & the Three Beers

For those looking to give porridge to a pal as a gift for Christmas, their birthday, new job, engagement, new house or other celebration... this isn't for you.  For those who'd prefer beer, you've knocked on the right door, come on in. 

You're thoughtful... but you don't overdo it.  You don't need to buy an extravagant gift just because your buddy was born many decades ago and managed to make it to another birthday... and who wants another sparkly gift bag?  That's too much.

However, you're also better than just handing her/him a six pack from the shelf AKA looks like your leftover beer from the basement.  That's too plain.

Now, thanks to DBGC (thank us later... or now), you can get it just right.  Buy them beer and place in a gift pack, which displays playfully insulting messages showing the recipient you care about them... but not that much... just right 

Below is actual footage of Goldilocks..... as a guy... in his 30's... gifting it just right.  No money was lost in the making of this video.  Special thanks to the pro bono work of @itsbradco and the free animation tools on the internet.

Detroit Beer Gifting Company... Just right!


(click image below for video)





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